Medina Values & Policies

Safety: We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe working environment and strive to achieve an accident-free workplace.[Read more…]

Quality: We set exacting standards and strive for consistency and precision in everything we do. We are committed to continuously improving our capabilities.[Read more…]

Integrity: We take individual and collective responsibility for keeping our promises, acting ethically and demonstrating exemplary business conduct at all times because it is the right thing to do. [Read more…]

Respect: We succeed by creating trusted and enduring relationships with our customer, colleagues and communities to achieve our mutual goals. [Read more…]

Excellence: We passionately strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and colleagues and win in the marketplace. [Read more…]

Environment: We are resolute in our commitment to minimise the adverse impact of our operations & services on the environment [Read more…]

WHS Policy

The Company is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees and others who come on to the workplace, by eliminating or minimising the risk of injury to people and the risk of damage to plant and equipment.

We will strive to achieve this by following relevant legislation and adopting a strategy of:

  • identifying hazards in the workplace
  • assessing risks to workers and others
  • deciding on and implementing control measures
  • monitoring whether the controls are effective

The Company is committed to providing:

  • a safe work environment
  • safe systems of work for our workers
  • suitable and safe equipment
  • information, instruction, training & supervision to ensure workers are competent & working safely
  • well maintained equipment
  • measures for the safe use of chemicals
  • managers & supervisors that take reasonable precautions & exercise proper diligence to comply with safety obligations

Employees responsibilities will be to:

  • Report all injuries and potential risks to the Director or Office Manager
  • Take reasonable care of your own health and safety
  • Take reasonable care that your acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons
  • Use safe work practices and obey all reasonable instructions, policies and procedures issued to protect your personal health and safety, and that of others
  • Discuss any safety concerns with the Director or Office Manager
  • Keep work areas in a safe condition

The Company promotes the participation of workers in the safety program. Workers have obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW), Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011, and the current Work Health and Safety Codes of Practice and are expected to follow the Company’s Work Health and Safety Management System, to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


It is the policy of Medina Engineering Pty Ltd to provide a high and sustainable level of quality in the mechanical equipment we design, fabricate, machine, assemble and test and the services we provide. Our aim is to meet or exceed the requirements and reasonable expectations of our customers at all times.

Medina Engineering Pty Ltd is committed to the principles in AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008; Quality management systems – requirements. We seek to maintain certification of our quality system to these standards at all times.

We seek to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of our quality system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to the customer’s and applicable regulatory requirements.

The ongoing suitability of this Quality Policy is reviewed during the Quality Management Review Meetings.

The Quality Policy is issued and explained to all employees upon commencement of work with the company, and a copy is prominently displayed in the reception area, on the workshop notice board and is available for viewing on the computer network. All staff are trained in the meaning and implications of this Quality Policy.


Maintaining our company’s integrity while conducting business is vital. We believe that meaningful change can only occur when we adhere to our moral tenets in all that we do. Our Ethics Values statement below guides us in our daily actions.


Medina Eng is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and we care about being good citizens. Conducting business with honesty and integrity helps us to push our partnerships forward, improve relationships, go further, and create win-wins with our employees, customers, and suppliers. We abide by the rules of our state and country, and we take responsibility for our actions as a company.


The long-term success of Medina Eng depends upon the commitment, expertise, and motivation of every employee. We appreciate and support diversity and solidarity in our team. Medina Eng pledges to provide fair wages and a great place to work. Through improving the lives of our employees, we simultaneously improve connections with our partners, customers, and business relationships.


We know that the quality of our work is integral to maintaining our customers’ trust. Medina Eng strives to excel in every facet of our business, facing every challenge with an eye for success. We believe these actions benefit our company and those we serve.

We are proudly members of:


Medina Engineering is aware of our impact on the environment around us. The activities of our company and our supply chain can have effects on the rivers, wildlife, bushlands, and people in our communities. To this end, we are committed to environmental responsibility and stewardship, and have made this part of our mission and core values.

These are our values in support of our environment:

  • We will work to meet or exceed applicable environmental regulations and prevent pollution.
  • We will be a good neighbour to our neighbours and member of our community as a whole.
  • We will promote recycling and continually work to minimize our operating waste.
  • We will extend this policy to our supply chain and will actively work with them to achieve our environmental goals.
  • We will set goals and objectives to be reached as we improve environmental awareness and responsibility.

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