Oiles Bearings Lubricants

Oiles Bearings

Medina Engineering distribute OILES products Australia wide.

OILES Corporation is a reputable international company which produces a range of products including self-lubricating bushes and bearings.

According to OILES, when compared with normal plain bearings, OILES bearings are superior in wear resistance, seizure resistance and friction properties, and realise performance enhancement and maintenance free devices.

These products are needed across a range of industries and provide a great solution for for inaccessible moving parts which need lubrication. An example is the gate valve in the Hydro industry; these bushes are submerged in water for their entire life. OILES bearings have lasted in excess of 18 years without lubrication in this harsh environment.

To make an enquiry or to request an OILES catalogue, please contact the team at Medina.

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