Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

We are blazing a new path of advanced manufacturing with the introduction of two new 5 Axis Mori DMG Multi-tasking machines.

This machine gives us expanded capability of machining smaller components and when using Espirit Software, the ability to make complex shapes, combining the capabilities of several styles of machine to do the work in one set-up.

Advanced manufacturing multi-tasking machine enables:

  • Reduction of programming time when utilising customer’s 3D models.
  • Faster turnaround, eliminates the need for wait time on other machines.
  • Completing a task using one machine in one set-up allows greater accuracy (which is often lost when transferring components between machines).
  • Not limited to large production runs – we can do smaller orders to help keep your in-house inventory down.
  • Cost savings on parts traditionally made on several machines.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our new advanced manufacturing techniques, we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate these for you.

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