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Quality Metal Fabrication in Sydney

We provide a wide range of services for metal fabrication in Sydney at Medina Engineering.

No project is too small or too big. Our state-of-the-art facility can cater for all sorts of challenges no matter how complex your needs are.

Our quality management facility is ISO certified, which has made us one of the most sought after welding and metal fabrication service providers in Sydney. We closely monitor the entire manufacturing process to ensure the best results for our clients..

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Metal Fabrication in Sydney: Our Offering

Medina Engineering brings more than 40 years of industry experience to every job, ensuring it is carried out to the highest standards of workmanship.

Medina Engineering’s fabrication and welding capabilities include:

  • MIG, TIG, and Stick welding.
  • Welding small parts as well as large parts weighing several tons.
  • Welding many types of materials including carbon steel, armor steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminium, as well as other materials.
  • Working with many forms of raw materials including various types of extrusions, castings, forgings, rolled plate, and other forms of material.
  • The development and qualification of Weld Procedure Specifications and performing welder qualifications.
  • Work performed by welders qualified per AS1554.1 SP & ANS D.1.1 and various customer certifications.

Metal Fabrication & Welding

There are important differences between metal fabrication and welding.

Metal fabrication involves creation of a consolidated metal project out of an existing piece of layout whereas welding facilitates the fusion of two or more pieces of metal, glass, or thermoplastics.

It’s safe to say that metal fabrication is the finest form of welding. We have the required tools and techniques to deliver quality projects in metal fabrication across Sydney.

So if you are looking for high quality work then opt for our specialised services in metal fabrication in Sydney. Explore our work here.

 Specialised Training To Master Metal Fabrication in Sydney

As one of the premier organisations in the industry, we only employee the best. Our workers are experienced in the skills necessary to deliver the highest quality custom metal fabrication projects.

We take the utmost care with each and every job. Given the risks involved in metal fabrication we take safety very seriously, and our safety procedures are industry best.

With our vast experience we have extended our services to precision machining, manufacturing solutions, advanced manufacturing, purpose built machinery and lot more.

From an ad-hoc maintenance job to larger projects, we have the ability to work on-site with minimal impact on the environment. We have extensive workshop equipment and mobile facilities on hand to cater for any custom fabrication job.

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